Leaders EMS and Swimming permission.

There have been a few questions recently regarding EMS and payments therefore we have uploaded a Guide to EMS to the Information page which provides information on how to print information on payments, add adult day visitors (under participants/leaders section) and the new event extras section.

For the wet n wild activity there are a couple of points that you need to be aware of and you will need to pass onto parents please – this is really important to the camp so could you please read and action the following information.

Under event extras parents have been asked to provide the height of their young person and have the chance to opt out of the wet n wild activity for their young person.  This section was not originally on the health forms therefore where young people were added to EMS quickly and parents completed the health form straight away this section was not available.  Parents are also able to see the Wet n Wild disclaimer and terms and conditions – which is also on the Information page.

You can now view the event extras for every Cub you have registered and can see where parents have added their young person’s height and whether permission has been given.  

Permission for the Wet n Wild activity is automatically given therefore parents need to be aware that if they do not want their young person to participate they need to log into the health form and change the permission in the ‘event specific’ section.

You will be able to tell where parents have not seen the section as the height will also not be completed  – however this may be because they have not completed the health form at all yet. 

As leaders you are able to edit the heights of young people and this information is really important for us because anyone under 1.1m is not allowed on the water park with those above this height.  We are aiming to have whole Packs together on the water park to make this easier for leaders however the height restriction will prevent this for some Cubs – this is not something we can change and are the rules of the park.  We will organise a separate session for those below 1.1m tall.  If Cubs under 1.1m turn up with their Pack and not a specific separate session they will be turned away and will not get another chance to take part in the activity.  For this reason it is really important that we are made aware of all Cubs under the 1.1 height restriction via the health forms.

If you have any questions regarding the above please let us know.