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Recent Files for  Download:

Cub Passports

“Not surprisingly at “Cub World” one of the badges that we want the Cubs to work towards is the INTERNATIONAL Badge.  To support this we have produced the CUB WORLD “Passport” (PPTformat – might be in an odd order!)  There is a NEWER version as a PDF file with one page per page for BOOKLET printing HERE!!!

 Cubs should complete the passport, either in Cub Meetings or at home, bring the completed document with them to the Camp and hand it in at Admin on arrival.  Cubs will also need to take an active part in the fancy dress parade on the Saturday night.”

NEW pre-camp PDF information booklets available for Leaders and Parents

Cub World Merchandise 

Cub World Letter for Leaders – Updated location information October 2018

Cub World Parent Letter Template (.docx)

Guide to EMS for leaders (pdf)

Wet N Wild Rules (pdf)

Wet N Wild Disclaimer (pdf)

Download your Camp Leader Parking Permit (pdf)